Remote Work Is The Future & The Future Is Here Already

Just a few years back, grinding daily to commute was a predominant work culture with literally no exceptions. Fast forward to the 2022 work culture, hardly any employee report to the desk five days a week. 

The IT industry was already steadily transitioning to cloud edge computing when the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc and forced businesses to go remote. This temporarily disrupted the prevalent business dogma. Out of the necessity of work-from-home restrictions, business owners realized the benefits of this newly found remote work culture. Technology has also played a very crucial role in making this a possibility. Without cloud infrastructure systems, businesses wouldn’t be able to go remote and access work from home. 

The rise of e-commerce, fintech, telemedicine, IoT, digital payment, virtual retail experiences, augmented reality and meta verse has exploded the technology in an unprecedented way. The transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 has already started and it is decentralizing the already decentralized cloud infrastructure.

 The remote or hybrid work environment turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened. According to Gartner Inc, 2021 “ There is no going back to the work model that prevailed before the pandemic.” And this is very true as this shift in the business dynamics has brought unprecedented diversity to the work models which allowed employees to work from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of working remotely are:

No Work Commute 

People really didn’t realize before that how much time and money they spend on daily commuting to the office. Plus the rush hour traffic further worsens the already late situation. On average daily 3 hours are spent getting dressed and commuting to work. A healthy amount is also spent on increasing fuel prices and vehicle maintenance. Some of this amount can be saved if using public transport. 

Working remotely at home saves several hours of commute and gives the day a fresh start. According to various studies, its been proven that employees working remotely are more energetic, eager to work, and with better performance as compared to on-site employees.

Increased productivity

One of the main winning points of a remote working environment is its increased work productivity. For any type of business, the most critical aspect is the performance and productivity of employees. Remote work has proven over the years that employees perform better in terms of productivity when they are not watched over, as it gives them a sense of freedom and responsibility to complete the task assigned.

Reduced Infrastructure costs

One of the underrated benefits of remote jobs is the reduced infrastructure costs. Paying salaries to employees is one thing but managing the whole office space while paying for its rent, huge IT infrastructure costs, internet bills, office supplies, snacks, and the rest of office expenditures can get very expensive. The remote job option gives both employer and employee the required freedom they need. Some say remote jobs don’t have the ability to do teamwork, as work-from-home employees work in their own silos. This is not true, because the advent of technology has allowed remote workers to connect virtually with teams in an instant via the help of different tools. Crisp video and audio calls are now just a single click away.

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